The One With the Make Me Read It Readathon Recap (that’s a mouthful)



Yup, the Make Me Read It Readathon is officially DONE. And can I just say that I had SOOOO much fun with it. It’s actually really nice to have other people make my decisions for me (Indecisiveness for the WIN!). It was also a great way to read some backlist books that I’ve had around forever, but never got to #ForShame.

So, here are the final stats:

Book completed: The Wrath and the Dawn (5 stars) and Crimson Bound (2 stars)
Total number of pages: 956
Currently Reading: The Dark Days Club


  1. The Wrath and the Dawn:
    This one got a LOT of hype. And it was TOTALLY. DESERVED. When I first started it, I really enjoyed it. The descriptions, the writing. GAH! BEAUTIFUL! But I was a little thrown off because it was kind of insta-lovey but also not quite (idk okay?!) BUT OMG BY THE END I WAS LIKE SHIIIIIIIPPPPPPPPPPP. And the food descriptions are ON POINT. Also, SHIIIIIIIIIIIIPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP.
  2. Crimson Bound:
    No. I remember liking Cruel Beauty and I was so sure I’d enjoy this one. But no. Just, no. At first, I thought it may because I read this one directly after having the feels-fest that was The Wrath and the Dawn, but then I realized that no. It really did just suck. I honestly would’ve DNFed but I was BOUND AND DETERMINED to finish it.
    Really, the only thing going for this was the writing. She is a gifted writer, and I kinda liked Rachelle and the moral gray aspect. BUT the plot was confusing, it needed more clarity and depth, and the love interest was. so. bland. I have NO idea why she liked him. Oh oh OH! And the “Red Riding Hood” retelling is a FAAAARRR stretch. In the author’s note, she does mention another fairytale I’ve never heard of it but the title makes it sound more accurate/pertinent. Also, if you want a creepy forest done right, read Uprooted. Just sayin’.
  3. The Dark Days Club:
    Currently reading. Currently enjoying. I LOOOOOVE regency. And I’ve heard this is a good ship. Color me intrigued.

Even though I didn’t read ALL the books on the poll within the time-frame for this readathon, I do plan on continuing the list as my TBR. That means after I finish The Dark Days Club, I’ll try and get around to The Storyspinner, Rook, and, finally, The Star-Touched Queen. So excited for ALL of these. And, as always, remember to go forth and…..

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