The One Where the Make Me Read It Readathon BEGINS!

And so it begins.

The readathon has OFFICIALLY started. Curious to see what y’all voted for me to read? I’m happy to oblige! I picked 6 books for you to choose from and I highly doubt I’ll read more than 1 or 2 (#SlowReader4Life), but here are all 6 in order of votes.

The Wrath and the Dawn
Cruel Beauty
The Dark Days Club
Rook and The StorySpinner (tied)
The Star-Touched Queen

I’m really not the least bit surprised  The Wrath and the Dawn won. I mean, that book has had nothing but GLOWING reviews. Of course, that makes me a bit hesitant (WHAT IF I’M THE BLACK SHEEP?! THIS IS WHAT BLOGGER NIGHTMARES ARE MADE OF, OKAY?!!), but I really hope I love it. I was a bit surprised that Cruel Beauty was second considering I don’t remember a lot of hooplah surrounding it. But I’ve had that since it came out so it’s about darn time I get around to reading it. The biggest surprise was The Star-Touched Queen being last. I only know one blogger who ended up not liking it, so I honestly thought it’d be first or second. Oh well *shrugs*.

All of that to say that I am INCREDIBLY excited to get started. Whether I finish only 1, 2, or all 6 (hey, miracles do happen), I think this will be my TBR for however long it takes to finish them. Thanks everyone who came out to vote. It is greatly appreciated.

Keep an eye out for an update post coming tomorrow and be sure to follow the #MakeMeRead hashtag for updates.

Are any of you participating in the MAKE ME READ IT READATHON? If so, let me know in the comments below. What books are you reading? Do we share any books? And, if not, what books on my list are you most excited for me to read? And, as always, keep being your awesome self!

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  1. I’m so excited for this readathon, and I’m excited for you to be read TWATD (like I already told you on Twitter). I read Cruel Beauty last year, and I really liked it. It mixes Greek mythology with the Beauty and the Beast story, which is pretty unique. It did get kind of confusing for me in parts, though.

    Good luck!